The Top Audio Book Clubs

These websites are some of the best places where you can download, rent, or purchase audio books. Some offer free audio books, while some require payment.

Literature lovers began exploring other options that will allow them to enjoy their books while being able to do other things at the same time. This is made possible by audio books which allow them to appreciate books by listening to them instead of reading. Because of this, they are now on the lookout for audio book clubs that can cater to their needs. Below are the top audio clubs out there that you might want to consider.


Audible allows you to enjoy your favorite genre of literature while performing other tasks such as going to the gym, commuting or even while cooking. Audible does not only offer 100,000 audio books, they also have audio magazines and audio newspapers of all types. They make it easy for you to look for your favorite books whether you know specifically what you want or if you are just browsing. This is made possible by just simply using the search box by keying in the title, the name of the author or any other keyword. You can also take a look at other customer reviews and you can share your own insights and experiences about their club as well.

Simply Audio

Simply Audio is another top audio book club and if you are someone who prefers unlimited listening access and wishes to get it at an affordable price, they are the audio club that you should sign up for. They have a Download Club that will provide you one, two or three downloads per month depending on the plan that you sign up for. They also have what they call the Rental Club which allows you to access unlimited rentals with no late fees or due dates and free shipping both ways. They too have a discussion board where you can leave your comments or questions and you can likewise read discussions on authors, books and other topics. possesses some aspects that are commendable because the audio books that they offer are assorted according to many categories and they have such an outstanding search function. However, the site in general is difficult to explore. They have three purchasing options which is the purchase an audio book on CD or cassette, rent a CD or cassette or purchase an audio book download. Aside from the purchasing options, you can also avail the trade-in plan so you can trade-in a used audio book in exchange for credits which you can use to purchase a new audio book. The search box that they have will allow you to search the audio book that you want by title, publisher, author or performer.


Audiotogo provides a variety of options of audio books which they can mail to you directly to your home. As soon as you are done with it, you can send it back and they in turn will send you the next selection that you have on your list. Generally, they provide good service but they have yet to be at par with the big players in the industry.